I started this organization a little over one year ago in hopes that my daughter would one day walk again.  My daughter was born with Tibial Hemimelia, a condition that causes partial absence of the tibia - there by making it impossible to walk without the necessary surgery.  I was initially told by many orthopedic doctors after looking at my daughter, that amputation was the only solution & it wasn’t until my own research lead to me to Dr. Paley that I found hope at a hospital in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Dr. Paley confirmed that his methods would indeed be able to treat Jordyn and that she would one day walk.  I knew at that moment that I would dedicate my life to educating & helping other families who were facing similar challenges.  In a very short time this organization has grown into a multi-functional outreach program helping to bring families and various other types of support systems together in order to aid children with all types of needs. It has been a true blessing to have been touched and able to touch so many lives through this journey. 

Tibial Hemimelia – occurs with one-in-one-million live births, resulting in a complete or partial absence of the tibia. For complete absence of the tibia with a patella present a special reconstruction is done to connect the fibula to the patella. For complete absence without a patella, either through knee amputation or centralization with insertion of a fibulo-femoral ligament must be considered. For partial absence the foot deformity is corrected together with the lengthening of the tibia or centralization of the fibula, as well as fusion of the ankle bone to the fibula.

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Carmen  Doakes